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Are you a pornstar or producer that gets 799 DM’s and emails a day from people wanting to be in one of your videos? Are you an agent that’s constantly working with aspiring actors and actresses that have no idea where to start or how to act? Perfect! Send them our way, we’ll provide our comprehensive guides and some one-on-one coaching so that they’re ready to get started.

Affiliates earn 50% on all initial memberships and rebills for life. Just sign up below, we’ll review and get you approved and start using your custom affiliate link to generate revenue from those messages that are filling up your inbox. It’s as easy as sending them a link and saying “hey, you really want to get on camera, head over here, they’ll teach you how.”


When signing up, please fill out the information for Direct Deposit, Electronic Check or PayPal based on which payout method you prefer. I.E. only fill out Direct Deposit information and leave PayPal and Electronic Check blank. 

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