How do I apply for a casting?

Ok, so it’s time to get started. Hopefully, you’re excited! Here’s a few things that you should do to start letting the world know that you’re here and ready to work.

  1. Pick a name
  2. Set your boundaries
  3. Take your pictures
  4. Create your social media presence
  5. Watch some porn… yes, watch some porn, figure out who you want to work with
  6. Find the producers that you want to work with on social media
  7. Send an email that includes your location, links to your social media, limits, pictures, best contact information, and a little note of why you want to work with them

You might not get a response right away, but keep going. Keep reaching out to those producers.

Reach out to models that you want to work with on social media, as well. Make sure that you have established your social media first so when they look, you don’t come off as a creep. If you’ve got some established content on your timelines, this will help create credibility that you’re a professional.