How to take pictures

Having pictures taken before you start trying to get hired is very important. In the adult film industry, it’s probably the most important part of your “resume” that you’re going to be sending out. There’s a few different areas that you’re going to need to some pictures ready to go. 

Social Media

Creating a strong social media presence is vital to getting booked. It’s just how the industry works. What should these pictures look like? They should represent you and your stage character. Does every one have to be the perfect picture? Nope. They should give a sense of who you’re going to be on camera and also show that you’re a person. Taking pictures doing the hobbies that you love is just as important. Think about the pictures you send when you just met someone and you’re in that stage where it’s fun and exciting. Have fun with these pictures.

For Producers

For this, a dedicated photo set is very important. Here’s a list of angles and set ups that will be very helpful, but some producers may ask for additional photos to make sure that you have the look that they’re searching for. 

  • Consider hiring a professional photographer. The better the pictures for your portfolio and social media, the higher the chance you’re going to get booked.
  • There’s a few angles that are very important. A front on picture, a picture from the side, and a picture from behind.
  • If you’re comfortable being full nude, be full nude. If not, don’t cover too much up, this is important. 
  • Have a piece of paper with the date that the photos are taken written clearly on it.
  • Oh, and for the men reading this, try to get it up, nobody really cares about how big you are soft. 

Continue to update both sets as photos as your career moves forward and you grow and change.