A little while ago, I wrote a thing about “How to start a porn company” because people ask me how to get started all the time. I as a producer and a model, people on the internet ask me how to get into the business quite frequently.

Lots of people tell me they just want to be a performer. They don’t wanna start a porn production. I totally understand, so I’m writing this. If you sent me something on tumblr, twitter, instagram, reddit… “Hey I really want to be in porn, how can be in a film?” then I’m probably just going to send you this link. I hope you understand. I’m a really busy guy, and it’s kinda crazy for me to type the same long answer over and over.

First things first… The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee did a great thing and made a nice video on this topic. WATCH IT:

When I watched the video, I felt like I was hearing myself talk. I’ve spent many hours on the phone and the internet with prospective porn people. I tend to go over all the same points that were well articulated by much bigger porn stars than me in that video.

Here’s some highlights that I want to re-emphasize, and some other pointers from me:

1) Before you are in your first porn, you need to accept that EVERYONE in your life, and EVERYONE that may be in your life in the future WILL see you in porn.

Think about it. Imagine that two people that you went to high school with run into each other at the mall. One of them recognized you in a porn the night before. It is very likely that the person that recognized you will have nothing more interesting to make small talk about than, “Oh hey, remember [YOU] from High School… I totally saw [HIM OR HER] in a porn!” Sure, they may be less bold and say, “Did you hear that [YOU] is doing porn now…?”
In my experience, I was very active in porn for about a year before most of my current acquaintances started talking about it. They would be hanging out at Starbucks, passing their iPhones around with my videos on tube sites playing, making fun of me out loud. Some were mean, and some defended me. Most of the ones that were judgmental later approached me in private to tell me about some kind of secret sex encounter they had that they were scared to talk to anyone else about. That old saying, “You are what you judge” is true. Good or bad, (I think it’s a good thing) you will not be able to change or evade human nature. People will talk about you.

This includes your f****y. My parents are very right wing, old fashioned people. My Dad works on Capital Hill. Most of his friends are Republican Congressman and Senators. My mom is an old fashioned classy southern lady. She is a college professor. We may have our differences, but they are my parents. I love them with all my heart, and I have tremendous respect for both of them. I can’t imagine having “better” parents in any way. They were VERY disturbed when they found me on the internet getting fucked in a bathroom for a fetish scene.

I felt bad that they felt bad, because I love them. I do not regret my career choices or way of life. I am who I am, and I can’t imagine not doing porn. That doesn’t change that it hurt my heart worse than any breakup ever did. At first I was sad that they were sad. Then I was angry that they couldn’t accept me. We went through a short period of not speaking, which was pretty painful. Eventually we got sick of beefing over it, and I’m invited to all the holidays again. I guess it was a necessary. We are more honest than ever now as a f****y, and we talk about once a week on the phone. We just don’t talk about work too much.

If I hadn’t accepted that something like that will eventually happen when I made a decision to work in porn, it would have been much worse. I didn’t have to drag the pain and healing process out longer with deception or c***dish reactions. I didn’t have to waste my time being resentful at whoever told them I was in porn. Stuff like that was avoided.

Everyone has different relationships with their families. In my case I was not willing to live with a “falling out” with my fam. I wouldn’t be “me” without them. I am my mother’s kindness and southern hospitality. I am my father’s courage to do the next right thing, no matter the price, and his desire to bring piece of mind to his loved ones, even when he doesn’t understand them. What I’m saying is, future “beefs” can either be avoided, or turn into growing experiences, as long as you are honest with your self.

2) How to Apply:

First thing: Go to your favorite porn site and look for the application page. Almost all porn sites with money have them. If you mostly are into clips4sale stuff or smaller productions then look for the producer on twitter. They are all on twitter. Make a “porn” twitter profile (that is NOT your dick pick for an avatar) and hit them up on twitter. Only do the twitter thing with the smaller productions that don’t have model application pages.
In my experience, my very first porn gig was for a clips4sale sight. I didn’t get paid anything, because they just needed a guy in a mask to get tortured.

[NOTE: If you are only going to be in porn where you don’t show your face, do not expect to get paid anything. I only know of one production in the world that would pay you for that, and they will abuse the fuck out of you.]

I was only able to book good paying work for Kink.com and other big productions AFTER I had somewhat of a following from the stuff I self produced. Kink told me that they only gave me a chance because I had done work with Ashley Edmonds, a female model that they really really like. I filled out their model application just like everyone else though.

After my first unpaid gig, and before I started my own production, I did randomly get recruited by SeanCody.com to do gay porn. They paid me $3000 per scene (only 7 total scenes in two years) and paid all my travel expenses. They also made me sign an exclusive contract with them for 2 years. That was in 2008. That doesn’t happen anymore. (Corbin Fisher still does this, but you have to be EXTREMELY good looking and have ZERO prior porn work. You also have to do bare back anal, which means you probably won’t get work with too many other productions once your contract is up. They do run an awesome production though, and will take great care and concern for your health and safety)

These days I get paid $800 – $1000 per gay scene when I model. I get paid $600-800 for hardcore femdom straight stuff. For small productions that shoot clips and not big scenes, I charge $150 per hour. That’s kinda high for average male talent, but I can do that because I don’t need the work. I just take the work that I want these days. Anyway, the rates are just way less than they used to be. That’s why I spend more time and effort producing my own content.

Your milage may vary. This just my own honest experience.

3) Consider where you are starting: Literally, where do you live? Where are the films that you want to be in being shot? These days, it’s not very common for a producer to pay for your travel and lodging expenses. Some do, but only when they can make a profit from it all. I personally only pay for travel and lodging for gay porn stars with huge followings. That’s just what works for my budget. So if you don’t live near a porn production that you want to work for, you may need to spend some money on travel and stuff. This is the #1 reason I tell most people to just buy a camera and start their own thing. It’s a LOT easier to run an add for new talent in your area than to get someone far away to take a risk on you and pay for your flight.

4) What are your assets?

Guys: Huge dick? That’s nice… There are lot’s of huge dicks… But can you get hard on camera with multiple people (girls or guys) in the same room shining bright lights on you?

What does it take for you to cum? Can you cum from a blowjob? Handjob? Foot Job? Standing or sitting or laying down… tied up… laying on a cold concrete floor…? Can you cum while someone is putting something in your butt? Do you have a crazy big cumshot? If your answer is yes to most of these, than you have some good assets.

How is your body? It is what it is, we live in a ab-man’s world. How are your abs? No ripped abs but you still have nice body? That can work too, don’t give up. But you may have to excel in other areas to book work. How is your face? Striking features aren’t necessary but they certainly don’t hurt either. None of these are requirements. I’m writing them simply because these are the things that most producers care about.

Ladies: Sexy body? Pretty face? Love dick? Awesome! There are still 1000′s of others like you. What can you do to stick out in the crowd? Can you be professional? Can you learn fast and follow directions? These are important things. This may sound dumb, but you are limited by your “limits” as well. Like, if you don’t do anal, that’s not a huge deal at all. But, if you only do handjobs, you are only going to get booked by smaller clips4sale productions. That’s cool too. I know a ton of happy ladies who just do that. There isn’t a ton of money in it though. I pay girls $100 for an hour of handjob shooting. That’s typically one handjob and two other short scenes that are mostly just acting (non nude). I’m not totally sure, but I think that pay rate is pretty standard for that kind of thing.

I’m asking this stuff because the kind of work you can get depends on what you bring to the table. If you are a hot guy that will let girls fuck you in the ass with a strap-on, you can probably book a well paying gig pretty quick. It’s a niche that isn’t being filled well. If you are a hot guy that only wants to “fuck hot chicks,” then you probably have to get in line. You may live near a large production who will book you because you are local. If that happens, show up on time, sober, well groomed… and work your ass off. They may only take one chance on you.

If you are looking for gay work, it’s kinda the same deal. Really sexy guys are more likely to get booked. It is what it is. There are gay sites that will pay you no matter what you look like, but they might not pay you much.

If you are an average looking dude who just loves porn and wants to fuck on camera, seriously, produce your own stuff. It’s not that hard, and you can actually make good money doing it. The odds of you getting booked as male talent for a big production are not high. The odds of you booking a local lady or dude on backpage, filming it, selling on clips4sale enough to make your money back are pretty damn good. I may have oversimplified that last statement.

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