Creating your social media presence

Your social media presence is going to be a critical component to your success in even getting started in the adult film industry. The industry revolves around it now, so you have to get on board. We’ve found some very important do’s and don’t’s when it comes to your social media presence. 


  • Set up accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and maybe even Reddit
  • Get familiar with each platform’s Terms & Conditions
  • Use hashtags everywhere that you can 
  • Respond to comments and direct messages
  • Block people that harass you
  • Post on a regular basis (don’t take social media breaks when you’re getting started)
  • Have a dedicated email address for professional inquiries listed on your profile
  • Post your cats. If you have cats. Post your cats, the internet loves cats


  • Post your political opinion, ever…. just… don’t
  • Engage in arguments with anyone
  • Discuss rates and/or bookings in a public thread
  • Post anything that could tell anyone your legal name or where you live or who you’re related to 
  • Post anything that could offend any disparaged demographic. The adult industry takes these matters very seriously, treat everyone with the utmost respect

If you’ve familiarized with these do’s and don’t’s, get to posting!!