what you need to know

Will anyone find out?

Yes! There are many misconceptions about getting started in the adult industry that end up causing stress and an early exit. We’ve learned these from countless mistakes that have been made that were masked with the best intentions and misguided optimism. First things first; are you ready, 100% ready, for your family to find out about your new career? No, seriously. This is important. If you truly believe you are, then great! But, if you have hesitancy or doubt, it’s best you consider this more thoroughly. “But, are you telling me that I maybe I shouldn’t do this?” Yes. That’s exactly what we’re saying. We’ve learned this is the biggest misconception in the industry. You’ll hear that you can geo-block where you live or disguise your appearance or just not show your face. The internet is the internet. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. It’s best to be sure that you’re willing to handle that if/when it happens. We’ve found it best if you even discuss it with your closest friends first so that you have a support system in place if something ever causes distress.

What about limits?

Have you identified your interests, niches, and limits? You may have done this in your personal life already with your partner, but it matters now more than ever. Once you agree to a shoot, you want to be sure that you know what you’re going to be doing and that you’re excited to do it. It may even be best for you to have tried whatever it is that you’ll be doing professionaly in your personal life. After all, there is no better educator than experience. While you always have the right of consent, it is best to be fully prepared to follow through with the script as agreed to at the time of booking. This will help ensure a long and happy career, a mutual respect amongst performers, and most of all, keep it fun and sexy. This is a business and a business is only as good as its planning. This is a great opportunity to explore your kinks, but if you’re not sure, it’s best to experiment first. Our industry professionals provide a wealth of knowledge of how to do this in our D.I.Y. membership program.

Is it safe?

You have the ability to take action that ensures your safety, comfort and happiness on and off set. The adult industry has a very strong standard for STI/STD testing. This ensures that you, your partner, and everyone that you are active with are safe. Moritoriums are put in place anytime a positive test is tracked back to a performer, nobody wants this. Make sure that you and your colleagues are tested before shooting. Next, get references. If you’re not already familiar with everyone you’ll be working with it’s ok to ask about them. The adult industry is very fraternal in nature. Find out about everyone that will be involved to make sure that you feel safe, protected, and comfortable while at work.